Who is Sohail Abbas ?

Who is Sohail Abbas? Sohail Abbas is one of the worst cricketers in Pakistan, the name of the whole world seems to resonate. If the bowling of the lotus kicks a run, then it would appear that these people are very good people, and they think of their ass pass people as rakhta and they think or am a famous person. He thought that he would take his mind off him, he was born in Karachi on March 8, and when he lost his unconscious, the lover of cricket, and today he suffered.


I was so nervous to hear about it, people would do the same thing, but they were the same class when they were in bed and today when they walk down the street, people are happy to see it. This is not a ball to hang on to the top of the stadium. The upper part of the stadium will be open. Who will take the dock to cover the upper balcony of Wu Stadium? He was a team member of Pakistan, but not only did he take a step back and earn a good name, it was very difficult to become famous in Pakistan and other countries yesterday


. If he wants to be known for this, he should take some bribe, whatever he wants, then he will not become a good Captain B. He wants to be a captain and people will support him. You will be heartbroken to hear such a coach that I hope to see him again next time, and you will like him. I think the next one will be on the 5th of April and Sohail Abbas will be playing in Khyel and Khyel will have a lot of passionate shoot of Kamal up.I think the next one will be on the 5th of April and Sohail Abbas will be playing in Khilke and Khelmal will be the shoots of Kamel Ups. I will see you sitting upstairs

Afridi :
Yard or B Kamel’s player was once more Afridi sir. Everybody’s ball was going to run up and down every stadium was going up.They are quite famous in Pakistan and Wu Pathan is very unsafePakistan Mr. Woo Woo Pathans are very popular with the strong backing of the powerful Wu  very good man made the hearts of people dropping Mr. Wu Han Assos not very good captain is the professional’s choice at the Han people .



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