Who is Sarfraz Ahmed?

Islam Alaikum hope you all will be well I too am ok then today we will talk about good money in Pakistan whose name is Sarfraz Ahmed and he But some have been removed from the post of captain for the time being. Instead of Sarfraz Ahmed, who is the captain of the new Pakistan, his name is Babar Azam, Pakistan is the captain of the cricket team. He used to captain the wicket-keeper but now Sarfraz Ahmed is not captaining the Pakistan cricket team.

Sarfraz Ahmed Dey has been on India Sri Lanka Bangladesh New Zealand Afghanistan and many more different teams Win the match and give Pakistan victory There are and do daily exercises and not women go to the field to play cricket and they also exercise and help other players to play well Ali.


I have bought the ship. They are good people and they help the poor. Sarfraz Ahmed has been a great match-winner for Pakistan and sometimes it is Pakistan’s team that loses the match. Sarfraz Ahmed helps his team meaning that Pakistan cricket team has very good players and only players who will be good for Pakistan cricket team Sarfraz Ahmed has given many more players I have also added: Sarfraz Ahmed guide the Quetta Gladiator in the PSL Play on behalf of Yum.


PSL Dubai and its semi-final and final matches were held in Pakistan in 2019 but you will be playing in full Pakistan so there are a lot of players in Pakistan. United Canada La India USA, Australia, South Africa New Zealand Zimbabwe and many countries from which gender players will come and open PSL in Pakistan. Their name will be high. Pakistan is doing good and presenting Pakistan to the world. The rest of Sarfraz Ahmed is very good. We hope that the person is Sarfraz to become captain of the Pakistan cricket team again. You can give us your opinion by commenting below the video as well as commenting below on our website.

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