Wasim Akram’s match two years ago

What was the match of Wasim Akram two years ago


 pretty tremendous ovation no boundary is big enough to hold this man gets hold of you, Streicher, out of 105 and 199 matches in bets under pressure is coming in 6 for 97 on the 26th over hamsa Bowl it was a magnificent running from red hog received Johanna turned took the stamps max of the day of Gilchrist to his teammates – for 22news v / huh oh it’s the lead

ing edge well ball first up gone fit man down there Freddie won’t get it that’s a beauty I would is a good score the ball was gonna man up I can’t think anybody is ever going to go straight to the wicket and hit.the ball like he does 605, Darren

Lehmann continues yeah Shahid Afridi doesn’t let he spends down he comes to the crease 6 497 he’s goodbye honkers straight over 1 of a long way back great camera work when we face three deliveries and seven those days when you talk to play yourself in Karima now ah hi guys passed golly she gets riff I ran hard and although his attack let’s go on strike for we’ll get the mine if he’s out there for the length


of time probably a touch under an arrow be enough for keep leaving it to the same two guys all the time that’s hit in the middle it is a good sound when he hits in the middle, not for the bowl of that I’m gonna get them shy Freddie put a strike of the ball when he first goes in anyone in the game you also


summed up the situation pretty well not harder to hit pretty and coke ah long choice for Fred HOF some were pretty well ready not letting down and lean and get a couple of cheap overs in here that’s what I’m sure Ricky Ponting was hoping from important Lehman back into the attack he’s now in his fourth


I was but none for 24 as Lehman it’s all bring bought about predominately by Afridi really gone after that’s well-hit again an opportunity for the crown I reckon he’s got this out the middle didn’t sound as crispy with the other sixes he’s hit so far showing Afridi he’s still swimming hard enough that’s food on the full toss and get it over the road and over the fence at long on it’s not a short boundary down there it’s got fine but pretty


is pretty fine taking a light decision to go back to the second I think he’s flunkies fat down again and loves living dangerously the other problem that child of food has once o’clock that didn’t really slide the battery he was running on the adjoining pitch workshop has been used in a recent match and it’s probably a gravel and not a lot of grass and they’re joining pitch if he plucks it short of the line they could slip that


well either this bat it’s very close certain plenty of dust like I was a hesitation before we took off of the bonds about that star with the ball for Australia in this series he’s taking walla villain wickets but this is one way in Pakistan’s our unchaste which is going to make a huge difference great piece of feeling on the boundary got rid of it quickly right next to Gilchrist who also does a good job getting rid of the bails that’s


a bad sight for a Pakistani follow-up 3ds gone for thirty-one seven four one three three  I think they might go back to show I’ve had a bad day hasn’t he but do you go back to experience Ra’zac median placer could go the journey pain got to get off strike going down the leg sidelong way down the pitch but just sneaking down already delivery you see the ball swinging in from a Jamel Correction ghoul look at shady to


Freddy never stops a lot of energy loves his cricket trying to get his field right and the chat with his bowler happened so quickly this game captain but their work cut out for the most of the time she got everyone apart from Shahid Afridi he’s gonna fill to cover the other three behind the wicket well he set up he said to the bowler I want to deep midwicket that’s where he hits it I want men out on the leg side if


he edges you behind on the offside well that’s unlucky but he likes deep midwicket [Applause] the field I have just gone Luger to swing back in the hussy just a perfect delivery leg stuff has gone cartwheeling Mike uh see he’s on his way trying to get it away from the leg side so that is just brilliant baller falling for t20 specialist Omar thought Australian hundred thirty-four four seven the finish here is finished and they’ve been waiting to see the back of my Cassie since at World twenty20 semi-final that’s why they’re smiling he wasn’t there


Oh Margo sure they won that game if he was there he is so good at the death that was a beauty swinging into the left-hander Mitchell Johnson good luck has it got many runs lately Mitchell Johnson who knows very talented hasn’t played cricket recently a little bit rusty with a ball today what’s he got with the bat can hit a long ball but he’s going to be up against new Margo he was a very good at bowling straight fast Yorkers get the bat on it just squirt it, Mitchell Johnson, once – what a beauty that was to get rid of her see you need


something special to get hussy out not many bowlers reverse it into the left hand up watch the way this swings in late just a little bit brought the last second just enough light swing always dangerous  still got a game on here it takes one bad for one good over to turn this round 137 four seven at this stage Pakistan were ahead 154 six, not a lot of batting to come blue it said a few minutes ago don’t leave it to Nana’s and


Tate so plane and Johnson they got a bit to do there’s Duke Nana’s got the lid on to get the gloves on as well Shawn take the unit number 11 looks fairly relaxed but it’s got to be these two NASA well that’s good bowling as well from Umar Gourley sword Tim Payne shaping as if you just want to laugh at towards firing leg falling legs up inside the circle so he just changed his line completely and Tim Payne


actually to his credit tried to change and shot superb over so far just four runs from it and the key wicket hussy so everyone else goes on the edge Pakistan happy to give them a single those again expose your stumps turn the next reverse the other way that is definitely swung in went a long way across


he stops attempting the same shot and he loses his leg tech here it is to see if there’s some swing definite swing so it’s coming to both ways yeah doesn’t look pretty that great bowling again from Munnar all these now picked up to and off goes Tim Payne for one Australia now 137 thank you.

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