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Kathmandu: Hockey will be played in Nepalin July to maintain its world record. People from the UK business and business are coming to Nepal to play hockey with their own team. The participating teams will play hockey in the Annapurna Mountains of Nepal. The campaign, titled ‘Hockey for Heroes Challenge’, was published on Saturday by Britain’s The Press and Journal. The participating teams are aiming to make the world record by playing hockey at an altitude of 3,500 meters.

Hockey has never been played at such a high altitude in the world. The highest recorded hockey record is four thousand two hundred meters. ‘Ice hockey was once played at an altitude of four thousand two hundred meters. However, hockey has not been played at a higher level yet, ”said Aaron White, who is preparing for the competition to be held in Nepal.

White is a British police constable. He said they were preparing hard for the ‘Hockey for Heroes Challenge’ to be held in Nepal. ‘We are very excited about that competition. We are also preparing hard for that, “he said.

White’s team has 5 members. The deadline for the hockey game to be played in Annapurna area is 5 minutes, the report said. “This campaign will also help attract residents of remote areas of Nepal to sports,” says White, adding that the purpose of this campaign is to increase the popularity of hockey in remote villages.

White said the biggest challenge for them was to plan the journey beyond playing hockey in the Annapurna Snow Series. ‘Some of us are practicing at Altitude Chambers right now, but we know that this practice alone will not be enough for us,’ says White. “The Hockey for Heroes Challenge” is a program driven by pure human emotion, he said.

The ‘Hockey for Heroes Challenge’ campaign, which started in 2005, has been helping people with different abilities through charity. Joel Forrester, spokesman for the Hockey for Heroes Challenge, also believes that the campaign to make world record by playing hockey in the highest places. ‘I am optimistic that this campaign will be a success’, he says, ‘and the success of this campaign, which is launched with a sacred purpose, will deliver a vibrant message to the world from a distance of over 4000 meters.’

However, the news has not been disclosed in relation to which organization of Nepal is participating in this competition. Nepal Hockey Association has said that they do not know about this competition.thank you.

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