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black coffee

hey, guys, my name is Mr.Aamir and I’m from Cupocafe coffee bar and on this
video we are going to show you how to make black coffee at home
now there are few different ways to make black coffee at home, of course,



the very first thing very very important is hot water the second most important thing is
the coffee itself now you get two different types of coffee you can use at
home to create your coffee one is an instant coffee


which is available at any
grocery store and most small tuckshops or like if you go to your local petrol
station or gas station you can find it there as well the other one you can use
is go to a local coffee shop and buy some coffee inside a packet now you get
that coffee in two different types of forms the first form, of course,


is in the
bean itself and the second form, of course, is the ground coffee so you’ll
have to have coffee to make the coffee because that’s kind of pointless to try
and make coffee without coffee then, of course, the method of making the coffee
you get a few different types of methods for at home



I’m gonna show you about
four of them now of course instant coffee do always check out the recipe
there’s another link in the description below and link to another video where I
show you exactly how to use the right recipe for instant coffee


but always check the back of your thing for the recipe for the coffee

so this one says a
hundred grams so 100 grams inside this bottle and makes approximately 50 cups
let’s see if I can get it there for you guys on that camera so this little baby
is about to 1.8 to 2 grams of coffee per hundred millilitres of water


they don’t
say that on the back of this cup but always go for 100 mils of water all
coffee guys know the recipe is 5 on instant coffee 1.125 to 1.8 grams of
coffee per 100 moles and onĀ  coffee it’s anything from 5.5 to 10
grams of coffee per hundred miles of water



so it’s always per 100 mils of
water so to make instant coffee very simple take your coffee
so in this is 190 milk cup so I’m going to be using of course about
four to 4.2 grams of coffee which is not a heaped up spoon it’s just a little bit
of coffee to get that right recipe so that


I can actually taste the flavours
that they created that coffee for me to taste the other one would be the grinder
or the coffee beans now if you have a little one of these at home you can
pop some of your coffee beans inside there


and you can grind them down if you
don’t have a grinder at your house and you can create as you can see here I
beautiful grind the coffee bean you make it as fun as you need it to create that
coffee okay once you’ve got your grinder coffee you then have a few choices to
use at home the first choice would be


the French press I’ll also put in the
description down below a link to the French press where I show you exactly
how to use this what recipe to use to make the best coffee from a French press
or a plunger another name for it then of course



we have the little Bialetti maca
pot I’ll also put a link in the description below to show you exactly
how to use this little baby and it’s got the filter inside you put the
water you put the coffee you put on some heat it extracts out the top and you
create this beautiful gorgeous espresso add water


got a coffee then, of course, we got the Aeropress so in the description down
below there are links for all of these videos and there’s the Aeropress which
works very similar to the pressing style so because of the filter that goes
inside you can create a little bit of


pressure to create a nice cream or a
very nice coffee and of course the one that I don’t travel with that is my
little Nano presser the Nano press a phenomenal little guy to create that
beautiful coffee again the links in the description you can check it out
you use your coffee basket it pressures



up to about eight to nine bars of
pressure, before it starts extracting it, makes a gorgeous gorgeous espresso I
never-never ever travel route without this I every now and again make
myself some espressos on planes and everybody wants to join into that
beautiful aroma that thing is left inside



the plane all you need is growing
the coffee and of course hot water so do check out that video but why I’m gonna
go with the French press just because 70% of all households in the world have
one of these and it is so easy to get you to go to your local coffee shop or your
local grocery store they should have it



on the shelf then you can use your
traditional kettle to boil some water or you can get a little gas burner or
you’ve got a gas stove one electric stove to pour some water into a mug heat it
updo never ever use boiling water burns your coffee and that
makes the coffee better so I’m gonna just gonna pop this little guy on here



to heat that up a bit there we go let’s quickly fast forward
to get this water boiling there we go so always remember if your water did boil
so if you’re using a kettle and your water did boil I’m just gonna shut that
off there I wait until the bubbles come in and then I give it some time
to rest just so that I can then of course


let the water cool down a bit so
I’m going to take some of the hot water so the traditional way to to make a
plunger is put some hot water inside heat up the French press and then Chuck
that water then we measure out the coffee again so 10 grams 400 moles 20
grams for 200 moles then I take my water


I pour it into my cup to make sure that
I’ve got the right amount of water for the coffee because remember we’re using
a recipe we want a specific taste and flavour out of it then we take that hot
water we pour it into the French press now this is a gigantic French press of
course and while we let that stand there



to quickly bloom to fuse with the water
she’s gonna let it stand there and quickly focus on the instant coffee now
remember about 2 grams per 100 moles of water so I’ve got about 4 grams of
coffee inside here and then we pour the hot water
so you’ll see that beautiful gorgeous


brown liquid which we call black gold take my spoon and I stir a little bit so
I can make sure to dissolve all the small little instant coffee crumbs to
create that gorgeous gorgeous black coffee at home then I press this little
baby down now depending on how strong you


want your coffee you’ll see of
course in the video of the French press I waited about two and a half minutes
now because I don’t want it to be too strong but the longer you wait the
stronger your coffee becomes and there we go a beautiful


gorgeous black coffee
with a little bit of crema on top which the plunger does a brilliant brilliant
job at there you can see that gorgeous crema on top which is the main reason
why most people drink coffee so let’s give a sip it except to the instant
coffee first



miss cafe classic doc roasted buried tobacco very earthy not too high acidity
just a good cup of instant coffee and then, of course, my favourite ground beans
let’s give it a sip ELISA oh yeah a lot more flavour just so so


gorgeous on the palate a slight touch of woodiness a bit of tobacco
there not too much nice and earthy a bit of cocoa on the middle of the tongue
just a good old round beautiful cup of black coffee so guys please give us a
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