who is Mohammad Hafeez and Shaheen Shah Afridi ?

who is Mohammad Hafeez?

Born in Sakota, Pakistan, he is a midfielder of the Pakistan team, [1] and has played for Pakistan in ODIs and ODIs and Twenty20 matches. He is the opening batsman of the game. He also enjoys bowling from time to time. In 2012, the International Cricket Council’s top international Twenty20 bowlers rankings in the first 18, 2012, Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, the Indian cricket team against the one-day international cricket match was the Nazir jacket with 224 runs along the Indian team against the highest-scoring Soul Pakistani cotta the accomplishment. Earlier, Saeed Anwar and Aamir Sohail set a record 114 runs.

He was signed to play in the Caribbean Premier League. He thus became the fourth international player and the first Pakistani player to be signed in the series. He is generally known as a professor. [2] He has also played in local competitions for Lahore, Lahore Lions, Guyana, Amazon Warriors and Sargodha. He played for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League. In 2003, the Bangladesh cricket team toured Pakistan and played. He made his debut in the first Test against Bangladesh in Karachi on 20 August.

In the first match of the match, he bowled 7 overs and gave up 14 runs. Maiden threw 2 overs. He was bowled by Mortaza for 2 runs off 13 balls. Maidan bowled eight overs in his 15 overs. Pakistan won the match by 7 goals. In 2003, he was included in the Pakistan team that played in the Cherry Blossom Sharjah Cup. He made his debut in the first ODI against the Zimbabwean cricket team in Sharjah on April 3. In this match, he took 12 runs off 18 balls and hit the streak. Then he bowled 10 overs and gave up 41 runs and scored 2 goals. Pakistan won the match by 68 runs. [5] He is the third player to win 10 Man of the Match awards in all international competitions. Earlier, Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya and South African Jack Kallis set the record.

 who is Shaheen Shah Afridi?

Shaheen Shah Afridi born 6 April 2000) is a Pakistani player who has played for Pakistan, played ODI cricket and international Twenty20 [1]. [2] He is known for his bowling ability at speeds of 90 km / h [3]. [4] [5] In August 2018, the Pakistan Cricket Board awarded the thirty-three players, including him, a central contract award for 2018-19. Zaheen Afridi belongs to the Pashtun tribe. [8] He grew up in Landy Gotal, a town in Pakistan’s Khyber district, bordering Afghanistan. He was the youngest of seven brothers born to his parents; His older brother, who is 15 years older than him, is Riyaz Afridi, who played for Pakistan in 2004. Shaheen started his playing career at the Tadara Grounds at Landy Castle, near the Tadara Mountains. [10]


Riaz Afridi introduced him to hard-ball cricket at the age of 16 in 2015, and Shaheen has only played tennis ball cricket until then. [11] There he was selected for the Australian Under-16 Tournament in November 2015, where he helped the team win 2–1 in ODIs and Twenty20 series, and scored 4 kisses in the series. He was part of the Pakistan Under-19 squad for the Asian Cup Series in December 2016. [12] In the first match against Singapore, he gave up 27 runs and scored 3 goals. Pakistan won 9 matches in this match [13]

He was signed to play for Dhaka Dynamites in the Bangladesh Premier League in September 2017. [2] [14] [15] He made his debut in the first-class matches for the Khan Research Laboratories in the Kuwait-e-Assam series in 2017-18. In the second match, he gave up 39 runs and conceded eight goals. This made it the best bowling in first-class cricket. [5] [18] In December 2017, he was inducted into the 19-year-old cricket team. He scored 12 goals in the series. [20] He thus topped the list of high-achievers. The same year the international team announced him as a rising star. [21]

He made his debut for the Lahore Galatians in 20 Twenty20 matches in the 2018 Pakistani Super League. In the following series, Multan gave up four goals in four matches against the Sultan and conceded five goals. Lahore won the match by 6 goals. He won the Man of the Match award. [23] [24] He was included in the Balochistan (Pakistan) squad for the 2018 Pakistan Cup Series. [25] [26] On April 25, 2018, he played for the Balochistan roster.

In July 2019, he was selected to play for the Rotterdam Rhinos in the opening edition of the Euro T20 Slam. [28] [29] However, the competition was canceled the following month. [30] He made his debut in the international Twenty20 series against the West Indies in 2018. [31] [32] He played his first match on April 3 [33]. He was named to the Pakistani squad for the Asian Cup 2018. He made his ODI debut against Afghanistan on September 21. [34] [35] [36] He made his debut in the 2018 Test Series against New Zealand. [37]

In April 2019, he was named in the Pakistan squad for the 2019 World Cup. [38] [39] On 5 July 2019, against Bangladesh, he scored six goals, giving away 35 runs in the World Cup. Shaheen became the youngest Pakistani bowler to take five wickets. These are the best bowling figures for a bowler for Pakistan in the World Cup. [41] Following the World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced Afridi as a rising star.

[42] The New Zealand cricket team toured the UAE in 2018. To bat He made his debut at T. In the first match of the match, he was unbeaten on 2 balls with no runs. Then he bowled 23 overs and gave up 52 runs. He captured an Illukin and threw six overs into the maiden. In the second match, he scored two runs off six balls and remained unbeaten till the end. Then he bowled 20 overs and gave up 85 runs. He grabbed two lightweight and dismissed Maidan for five overs. New Zealand won the match by 123 runs thank you.

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